Small Entreprise Loan



An exciting medium to long term credit facility specially tailored for business growth for entrepreneurs interested to further grow their business status.

Why you should apply for this loan

  • Facilitates business performance and growth.
  • Quick loan access for capital injection.
  • Flexible loan term repayment plans.
  • Loan amount is dependent on business performance hence light burden on clients.
  • Competitive interest rate and processing fee.
  • No cash collateral required to access loan

Qualifications for this loan

  • Individuals or companies with active businesses.
  • Applicant must be above 18 years but below 70 years.
  • 18 months of business existence and activity.
  • Possession of a business license.
  • Personal Guarantor for client plus physical collateral.

Comes with outstanding benefits

  • Instant cash capital injection for business growth.
  • Monthly installment repayment for loan
  • Credit facility from above MK10,000,000
  • Flexible repayment terms and periods of 12 – 24 Months.
  • Flexible collateral requirements.
  • Faster loan processing time.
  • Insurance cover on loan incase of death.
  • Insurance cover for spouse, family, etc.
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